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JA Future-Mould Technology can offer injection machines from 50T to 3300T, includeing: 2k/3k, Mucell, Stack, Gas assisted injection machines etc. The full range of molding machines enables JA Future-Mould to offer very small precise parts as well as large domestic housing parts, each production of injection molding machine equipped with automatic mechanical hand, advanced equipment and complete application to improve a comprehensive automated production, and make sure of the process stability and molding quality. We strictly follow the certificate ISO9001:2008 on Quality Control to meet customers' requirement. General resin and industrial plastic such as ABS, PC, PC+ABS, POM, PMMA, PA66+GF33, PPT, PE, PVC, etc. is 100% imported from U.S.A., Germany, Japan and Taiwan.

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JA Future-Mould Technology Limited  is a provider of precision plastic injection mold design and mold manufacturing China, precision plastic injection molding and value added services. 


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